Dakota Johnson Reveals Her Grandmother Has ‘13 or 14 Lions and Tigers’

May 24, 2020

Dakota Johnson’s grandmother is a real-life tiger queen.

The actress revealed her family’s extreme love for cats on an at-home edition of “The Graham Norton Show,” reported Daily Mail.

Johnson, 30, shared that her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, currently has “13 or 14 lions and tigers” at her home. The grandmother, back in the day, had dozens of big cats wandering around her house.

Johnson’s grandmother and her mother Melanie Griffith appeared with several of the cats in the 1918 film “Roar.”

At the beginning of the interview, Johnson shared that her 90-year-old famous grandmother is still alive and still owns big cats.

Johnson said she used to have 60 cats, but now she only has "a couple."

Norton brought up the photos taken of Hedren when she would allow her cats to roam freely around her house. One of the images showed a huge tiger jumping into her window as she made a phone call.

"It is what it is, it's a tiger jumping through your kitchen window," he said.

Norton also shared another famous picture of Johnson's mother as a teenager. The photo showed her jumping into a swimming pool just as a lion went for her leg to bite her.

Johnson joked and said her mother did not lose her leg.

The actress said she had spent time at her grandmother's house while the cats roamed freely, but she never felt unsafe.

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