Home Depot Stops Selling N95 Respirator Masks and Will Donate Their Stock to Hospitals

April 2, 2020

Home Depot has announced they will no longer sell N95 respirator masks and instead will donate them to hospitals around the country.

The company issued a “stop-sale” on the masks on its website and in stores and will redirect them to hospitals, first responders and other medical staff amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare workers have reported shortages of the much-need N95 masks, which offer much more protection than standard surgical masks.

"As our communities battle COVID-19, The Home Depot is committed to providing the essential needs required to maintain homes and businesses while doing our best to protect our valued customers and associates. This has resulted in several temporary changes to our business as we look out for your safety and the safety of our associates," CEO Craig Menear said in a statement. "We want to thank our associates and our customers for their patience and cooperation as we work through this challenge together."

The hardware chain also announced they would be scaling back the hours of their retail locations. All stores will now close at 6 pm to allow more time for cleaning and sanitization.

To promote social distancing, stores will now monitor to make sure people are admitted one at a time and mark floors to help customers and associates stay six-feet from each other.

In addition, Home Depot says they will donate millions of dollars in personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals, healthcare providers and first responders and will also prioritize all orders placed by medical workers and first responders.

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