Jennifer Garner's Daughter Barters With Mom Over Going to School

December 20, 2019

Do you remember as a kid when you would do anything to not go to school? Whether it was by playing hooky or pretending you were sick?

Jennifer Garner has revealed her daughter is playing the tricks. In an Instagram post, the actor shared an adorable note of her daughter bartering for special conditions before agreeing to go to school.

“I know that I am willing to go to school, but I want something. Maybe hot chocolate? Yes or no,’” read the handwritten note that Garner posted on Instagram.

The actress captioned the photo, “You drive a hard bargain, Missy, but Yes. Definitely, yes. #wayyyybackwednesday.”

Garner’s daughter used a pink pen to write the note, and her mom checked off “Yes” in red marker, scribbling out “No.”

Garner isn't afraid at laughing at herself on social media.

Earlier this month, Jennifer Garner tried to pick the perfect Christmas tree, but made a huge mistake.

“So I told my kids we could go bigger because we’re in a rental house and it has a really big foyer,” Garner said. “But then it was delivered and I’m not sure this was the tree we picked out,” she added.

The camera is zoomed in showing Garner, then instantly zooms out to show that the tree is much taller than her. Garner shouts, “It’s a little aggressive!”

We can't wait until we see more funny Instagram posts from Jennifer Garner!

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