‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Causes Fan Frenzy By Posting Mysterious Countdown Clock

May 2, 2020

“Twilight” fans are in for a big announcement.

Stephenie Meyer, who authored the blockbuster young adult novels, has caused quite a stir with her rabid fanbase by posting a mysterious countdown clock on her website.

Based on the clock, something will be revealed on Monday, May 4th.

The website also points to several social media accounts for Fickle Fish Films, a production company Meyer co-founded and is behind the film adaptation of her sci-fi novel “The Host.”

On those Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, a video of starry night sky with the words “5 days” was posted on Wednesday. The following day a similar clip was shared with the words “4 days.” On Friday, another one went up with the words “3 days.” You get the idea.

The anticipation has caused many of her fans to speculate that Meyer is announcing a sequel to her 2008 novel, “The Host," reported the New York Post.

But others are keeping it old school hoping it has something to do with “Midnight Sun,” the long-awaited fifth book in the “Twilight” series, which tells things from Edward Cullen’s vampire perspective.

Back in 2008, multiple chapters from “Midnight Sun” were leaked online. In response, Meyer shelved the manuscript and released a draft of the novel online.

The first “Twilight” novel was published in 2005. Meyer followed it up with “New Moon”, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn.”

The books were adapted into the similarly-titled film franchise co-starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

To find out what Meyer has up her sleeve, Twihards will have to check Meyer’s website on Monday.

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