2019 Cali Marijuana Festival Hosted By Mike Tyson

Called Kind Music Festival

January 3, 2019

Mike Tyson is hosting a new music music festival in celebration of California's 2019 cannabis laws. This year's music fest will be named Kind Music Festival, and will be held at Tyson Ranch - Tyson's own cannabis research facility.

Although there will be no sale of marijuana and cannibas on-site, the Kind Music Festival website abides by the 2019 law by stating:

"Kind Music Festival salutes California's progressive stance on cannabis, and its updated recreational/medical laws that go into effect on January 1, 2019."

And for every ticket sold, the festival will donate $1 to Standing United, a non-profit organization focused on assisting the homeless and those who suffer from drug addictions.




Of course, a VIP feature will give attendees free food & drink along with a reserved area in the front of the stage.