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Apple’s New Feature Will Locate Your Lost/Stolen Phone

June 4, 2019

Apple today announced a new feature that will find your Apple product, even if your device is turned off.

The new feature will be in the latest version of the updated ‘Find My’ app. ‘Find My Mac’ and ‘Find my iPhone’ apps are now merged into one! Any app running Mac OS Calatlina and the latest iOS 13 will be located using Bluetooth beacon technology. 

When an Apple device is offline and sleeping, it sends out a secure Bluetooth beacon that can be detected be other Apple devices, dependent on product not personal ownership of the device (meaning other people's phone or mac can pick up these beacons as well). 

 This results in a network that works to find lost Apple devices through a secure, encrypted, and anonymous signal relay.

This feature will certainly be a welcome to those who might get their phones lost or stolen at a future music festival. You can expect this feature to be released with iOS 13 later this year.

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