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Cash Cash's New Song "Call You" Is About Someone Being There For You

Be There For Those You Need

December 14, 2018

Cash Cash's new song "Call You" is a good-follow up record to their top-charted track "Finest Hour". The band has released some jaw-dropping music this past year including their remix to lovelytheband's "broken" track that has received positive feedback from the band. 


This music video can ressonate with those looking for the "one", or that person who will always be there for you when you need them. It portrays two cute robots drinking at a bar, going dancing, and later falling in love! They start a family of robot-babies. 

Cash Cash collaborated with MAGIC!'s singer Nasri in their latest record who sings, "When I'm driving through the night with no strength left inside. Can I call you?"



When asked about "Call You" Cash Cash's response was:

"We've all lost someone before but it's strengthening to hold onto the idea of always being able to call upon them when you need them the most. "Call You" has that familiar Cash Cash emotion with a whole new twist musically."