The Del Mar Fairgrounds & San Diego Food Bank Hosting an Emergency Food Distribution Event on April 3rd at 10am.

March 30, 2020

The Del Mar Fairgrounds has partnered with the San Diego Food Bank for an Emergency Food Distribution Event happening on April 3rd at 10am.

The drive-thru food distribution is on a first-come, first-served basis and there will be enough food supplies for 1,000 vehicles.

Food items that will be distributed include: Canned protein, canned vegetables, canned fruits, whole grain food items, shelf-stable foods, nonperishable foods, and fresh produce including fresh vegetables and fruits. Each food package will total approximately 25 pounds per family/vehicle.

Food distribution is open only to households that meet income guidelines. This will be a "self-certifying" food distribution, meaning that families will not need to show proof of income or provide I.D. in order to receive food assistance. Families simply need to verbally verify that they meet the income guidelines.


- Make a donation to the San Diego Food Bank.

- Donate food and goods to the needy with the Virtual Food Drive

- Volunteer for a shift with the San Diego Food Bank if you are healthy and able.