EDM Infused Reggae Track With GRiZ Takes On Gun Violence

Matisyahu and GRiZ Use Song As Powerful Message

March 12, 2019

GRiZ, the talented multi-instrumentalist and producer and HUGE advocate for great causes, has dropped another track collaborating with none other than Matisyahu! 

He is officially in full rollout mode for his sixth studio album Ride Waves, and has released A New Day in anticipation of this. Meanwhile, Matisyahu is riding off his 2017 success of Undercurrent (Plus, he will be in Solana Beach for back to back shows in San Diego). 

Matisyahu definitely brings a heavy reggae feel to the track, while GRiZ blends electronic instrumentation in the mix. It's definitely a dancey, upbeat record that just radiates positive energy. The video shows real-life victims of gun violence, emphasizing their cries for gun control and the end to gun-related violence.

Listen to the track here! It's powerful music video and lyricism portrays that of gun violence: 

The song being written days after Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy.