Right Before Pride Month, Vassy releases "Concrete Heart" Music Video

The Video Is About Fearless Love

May 17, 2019

Multi-platinum award-winning recording artist VASSY never siezes to amaze! Her newest music video follows two hearts struggling to find that special someone as she gears up for Pride next month. You can catch her in San Diego on  Saturday & Sunday, July 13 & 14, 2019 Saturday 11am – 10pm; Sunday 11am – 9pm. 

The annual Pride Festival includes multiple stages of entertainment, more than 100 entertainers, and dozens of vendor booths, exhibits, cultural presentations, delicious food booths, and over 40,000 of your closest friends!

Pride Festival is open to everyone with an open heart and open mind.


"Concrete Heart is a song I wrote about the desire to fall in love without being vulnerable to getting hurt. I think many people can relate to this sentiment and I wrote it from a place of truth. The music video represents the idea of the freedom to fall in love, taps into the concept of equality, and showcases all of the obstacles we face in life when wanting to find love. 

All of this is depicted through the concrete jungle of New York City and with two main characters who are little hearts. Their storyline conveys the many obstacles they face in the city, but when they almost give up, they find signs of hope that lead to a positive outcome – in this case, falling in love with one another. I specifically wanted the main characters to be literal hearts and not people. I didn't want it to be super gender specific so that it appeals to all and represents a notion of one love for all. I think the result turned out so cute! The dancing gives another layer and a great juxtaposition against the concrete layers of a big city. Even though things can be tough around you, we can still laugh, dance, and enjoy life while staying true to ourselves - and dancing is a universal language!"


#Chicago was LIT!!---- Thank you @gopride --️‍--♥️ #chicagopride #chicagoprideparade

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