Madeon Teases Single With Hilarious iPhone 11 Ad: [WATCH]

September 11, 2019

The iPhone 11, Pro, and MAX have brand new features that make them visually appealing to customers aside from the overall aesthetics of the new phone. The top tier iPhone 11 will reportedly have three rear-facing cameras, as opposed to the standard two, which will offer better zooming and higher definition.One of the newer features being a "slo-motion", and another having a wide angle lens. 

Other reported upgrades include a new chip that will allow for faster processing and an improved Face ID that can sense your face from different angles.

Apple has outdone themselves again with the quality of this product. The price for the new iPhone 11 will start at $699!


This video is a classic take on the "slow-motion", windy selfie that turns into a comical representation of a little bro helping out his big sis. The soundtrack to the commercial being Madeon's newest single “Dream Dream Dream,” coming on his forthcoming sophomore album Good Faith.