Zedd Permanently Banned From China After Liking A South Park Tweet

October 14, 2019



Zedd has been permanently banned from China after he liked a tweet off of South Park's Twitter account. Grammy Award-winning DJ-producer told his followers on Sunday that he was “permanently banned” in China for his supportive tweet for South Park’s episode about Chinese censorship, which was a comment reference made towards protesting the Chinese government in Hong Kong. 

The Comedy Central cartoon created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone has made headlines around the world in recent weeks for its criticisms of the Chinese government. It was also associated with American businesses that do business with the country. 

South Park is also banned in China, and all mentions of the show have been taken off from the internet including the ability to stream the content. Althought he isn't allowed back, Zedd's music is still available on Chinese music streaming site QQ Music. 

Protestors have even been showing pirated copies of the episode that got the series banned in China on the streets of Hong Kong. Parker and Stone have become something of folk heroes to the protestors. 

Last week's episode of South Park concluded with one of the main characters declaring: "F*CK the Chinese government!"