La Mesa Protest Shuts Down 8 Freeway

May 30, 2020

UPDATE 5/20/20 6:17PM

Tear gas has been deployed as windows have been broken at La Mesa PD Headquarters.


All across the country this week demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest police brutality and the injustices against Black Americans. George Floyd's death in Minnesota triggered riots in the city after officials failed to make an immediate arrest of the police officers responsible for his death. (Since then, all four officers involved have been fired, but only ex-officer Chauvin has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder.)

Last Wednesday, outrage grew in San Diego after a video surfaced on Instagram as a La Mesa Police Officer was seen on video in an altercation with an African American man at a trolley stop.

Officer M Dages of La Mesa Police department attacks innocent civilian waiting for friends outside apartment #RipGeorgeFloyd @shaunking @_stak5_

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Today, thousands of demonstrators gathered in La Mesa to peacefully protest. Demonstrators were seen with signs that read, "Black Live Matters" and "I Can't Breathe," words that George Floyd's said as one of four officers had his knee pinned on Floyd's neck for 8 min and 46 seconds. The protest started around 2PM on El Cajon Blvd in La Mesa and made its way down a ramp leading to Interstate 8, shutting down lanes of the freeway.

As of 5:25 pm on 5/30/20 all lanes on Interstate 8 near Grossmont Center remain closed.