Lightning In Bottle To Move Location For 2019 Festival in Central Cali

January 15, 2019

Festival producers Do Lab announces that, for the 5th time, Lightning in a Bottle will be moving locations to a new venue. Still in Central Cali, Do Lab has yet to announce the new venue location. 

Lightning in a Bottle staff say, "We absolutely love this new venue and think you all will too. The space is an improvement in nearly every way and we appreciate your patience as we finalize everything for a fantastic new and improved LIB experience"

After a tragic attendee death in 2017 and one in 18', the size of the festival will decrease as well. We know the transformation will come with up sides, and that LIB is definitely evolving after all these year. But not to hesitate, the festival will be around for many years to come.  

"Lightning In A Bottle is designed, built and curated based on a core ethos centered on sustainability, harm reduction, cultural respect, and most of all, creating an environment for extraordinary experiences. These principles guide LIB’s vision and its team’s decision-making every step of the way."