@Major Lazer

Major Lazor's New Song Translated From Spanish

June 20, 2019

Always hot
Always spicy
If I twerk for you
I don’t think you could handle it

Always hot
And even arrogant
Your boyfriend’s face changes when he sees me
Everyone dies to try my poison
And what I want, I get, even if it's taken (oh)

Even in Aruba, they want me for my body
Even in Ibiza, when I arrive, they say “Anitta” 

You like my sensuality
And that I'm from the block, just like Jenny



Major Lazer releaed this Spanish-singing collab with the Brazilian singer Anitta. The lyrics get really spicy, but if you don't speak Spanish you may want to check out her lyrics above. It is getting really hot on the dance floor with his caliente track.