ODESZA Announces Last 'A Moment Apart' Show In California

The Epic 2 Year Long Tour

March 25, 2019

The duo ODESZA had a huge 2017 with the release of their album A Moment Apart along with their tour they embarked on in September of 2017. The Seattle electronic duo had a lot of pressure of expectation with the release of their music, and their highly anticipated tour. To say the least ODESZA didn't disappoint and is ranked as one of the best live performances of last year with live percussion in their shows. Also, nominated for a GRAMMY for their latest album.

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight released a teaser of their final A Moment Apart show, since the two need to hit the studio to make some new tunes. We can expect an epic finale with a unique and jaw-dropping live set. They have definitely grown to encompass a powerful mixture of live instrumentation, crazy stage production, and even more eye-catching visuals. 

ODESZA has announced the date and location of the finale show has been announced: July 27 in Los Angeles at Los Angeles State Historic Park. The venue has seen only a couple EDM events since its renovation finished, including Zedd’s Zedd in the Park and HARD Day of the Dead last year.

The size of the venue and it’s simultaneously, deceivingly intimate nature seem like a fantastic send off to one of the greatest album tours in EDM.

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