Calvin Harris Releasing Two New Songs With New Project Love Regenerator

January 23, 2020
@Calvin Harris

Getty Images - Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris, Coachella's headliner this year, is teasing brand NEW music. This will be the first EP in Calvin's "throwback direction" under the name "Love Regenerator". The DJ's intent is going back to his Dance roots, and only using equipment/gear made from 1983 through 1992 to create these songs. 

He also let us know he’s got the touring bug again, and that we'll be seeing a lot of him in 2020! We can expect to see Harris do more festivals and tour dates than usual this year. This project is the next chapter in his story! 

Calvin announced the new release on his Twitter page yesterday, and we'll see a leak Thursday afternoon on one of the singles. "Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)" and "CP-1" by Calvin Harris are set to come out on Friday, January 24th. Both of which have a funky, feel-good underground style mixed with some techno that brings you back to 90s warehouse parties! 



He even told a fan on Twitter that this will be a new "vibe for him".