DJ Steve Aoki Will Be at Comic Con San Diego With Comic Book NEON Future

July 15, 2019

How well do you think you know Aoki? Yeah yeah.. his dad was the Japanese-American dude who founded Benihana.. BUT did you know he was an Olympic-qualifying wrestler? 

The world-renowned DJ may have started his music career by hosting DIY punk shows in his living room, but did you know he was then a hardcore vegan hellbent on defying his father's capitalism practices? Did you know he has his own pizza company called Pizzaoki? Or that he makes comics? 

We all know he owns the indie label Dim Mak, but do you recall how it's place as an aught-rock great helping break Bloc Party, Fischerspooner and The Von Bondies?

These fun facts are all but small scratches on the surface of Aoki's life. The Neon Future producer and international DJ is ready to cut past the icing on every detail of his life -- yes, even the cake throwing of his shows! 

But now.. he has released a comic book. Aoki imagines a future where humans live in harmony with technology (premonition, maybe), and he's implementing this idea in his comic Neon Future. 

The idea of the comic is that technology is destroying humanity, and that robots will soon make us their slaves. 

Neon Future is set in the future (obviously) about 30 years from now in a United States that has outlawed advanced technology. A civil war is brewing between people who have integrated technology into their bodies, and those who have not. Neon Future, the resistance movement, is led by a longhaired, bearded, Asian-American man named Kita Sovee - whose name happens to be an anagram of Steve Aoki. The series follows an anti-tech crusader who dies and is resurrected by a technology developed by Aoki's character.

Aoki will be at San Diego Comic Con at  booth #1831!