Eric Prydz Shares Footage of 6.0 Holosphere Stage Production

Prdyz is Known To Put On A Show!

July 11, 2019



A pioneer in original ideas, Eric Prydz shares an illuminating sphere with 2.4 million LEDs (the foundation of the Holosphere experience). The DJ and producer will perform inside of this sphere where he can adjust the light to hide him or show completely inside the sphere performing. Along with the 3D sphere, it's not the only appeal to his new show. We can expect video as part of the backdrop along with over 500 controllable light fixtures adding color to the stage.

Prydz is known for him visually appealing shows with unique stage designs, lights, and EPIC (Eric Prydz in Concert) performances! This being his 6th, Prydz has spent a lot of time in this particular project. 

The beginning of EPIC 6.0 Holosphere will launch at Tomorrowland this year on July 20th with everything being brand new! 

A past show