December 20, 2018

The talented multi-instrumentalist and producer has been a HUGE advocate of great causes, hence his whole initiative 12 days of GRizMAS. GRizMAS came early this year with another unique idea from the artist. Him and The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company launched "GRizMAS", a special blend of cofee with two African blends. Caffeine? Don't mind if I do, escpecially for something impactful. 

All money spent to buy the product goes straight to his hometown of Detroit to raise money for the youth's music education system, which he has currently raised over 80,000 dollars for.



12 days of GRiZmas is BACK!



The first flavor of the coffee is Kenya Embu, which comes from east of Mount Kenya where there is red volcanic soil. The second African flavor is a natural Ethiopian bean holding rich flavors of concord grape and praline. A great pick-me up coffee blend! 



The coffee blend comes along with Grant’s new partnership with It Gets Better is nothing short of amazing as the artist is raising new bars and standards for those trying to give back.

Here's another video of the non-profit dedicated to empowering and uplifting young LGBTQ voices across America.