KAABOO Del Mar Is Going Off With Aesthetics

September 14, 2019

An Instagram lovers paradise, the aesthetics of KAABOO have set the bar with neon signs lighting up the San Diego sky. KAABOO has always been a flavorful and refreshing line up for "all walks of music", but music is only an aspect of the larger picture scale. Genre being obselete when it comes to booking, you can expect to see Alternative Country EDM and Reggae with a mixture of classic hits on multiple stages. 

This year, a Guinness world record breaking silent disco with over 1300 people will begin the after dark programming hosted by San Diego locals. "Sometimes you're not ready to shut it down," the website reads.

The Ka-"Boujee" aspect of the festival include spa services and treatments, botox, a poolside VIP area, and an exclusive VIP line set list. The pool overlooking the sunset cliffs stage. Comedy scattered throughout the small music city, culinary chefs cooking in different sidewalks, and live art paraded through the streets gives you the ultimate experience. 



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