Kid Wiseman Talks Art, Inspiration, Working With Kids

November 16, 2018

Kid Wiseman partnered with Neon Owl, Whet Foundation, and GLOW to bring back packs to a high school in Ensenada. But something even more powerful than this one trip is the ability to bring art to life through students on a regular basis. During this trip, Kid Wiseman came out to paint a mural with the students. It was something so cool that was brought to life. With art school budgets decreasing, he believes that finding your creative path can lead you to success in your future job and can be applied to life."It also helps keep some of these kids off the street,"  Kid Wiseman says. But with his partnerships, he is able to bring this dream to reality. While helping over 7k Los Angeles students along with out of the country work, he is able to bring his as well as others art to life by creating murals.   Check out some work here!   


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