In the Mixxx Showcases Lizzie Curious, DJ IDeaL, and Kinohou

November 30, 2018

Episode #57 of In the Mixxx features three special guests:

Each week as diverse as the next, In the Mixxx brings a mix show of talented artists each week. We showcase mainstream artists, headliners, and local talent all hosted by DJ IDeaL every Friday at 7PM PST and Saturday at 9PM PST on GLOW. Listen here

This week's line up: 


First on the decks, we have boss lady Lizzie Curious who is best known for her vibrancy and energy in her sets. As a DJ, Producer, Vocalist, and Songwriter; she is breaking new strides in the dance world.

Check out her music.

We've got our resident DJ and host DJ IDeaL every week on the show who recently released his first single with DJ Lady Verse "Keeper". Listen to his mixes each week next to some of the hottest dance artists in the scene as he introduces new music, new artists, and new festivals alike. 

And.. we have Native Alien's Kinohou who you can find hopping on Blonde Bar's Tuesday show T Is For Techno and multiple edm/dance festivals. When he isn't playing shows, you can find him creating his mixes with his unique sound. Featured on tonight's In the Mixxx, you can hear an hour long set from the artist.