Porter Robinson Goes B2B With Skrillex and Plays With Madeon at Second Sky

Suprise After Surprise: Perfect Summer Set at Sky Festival

June 17, 2019

Porter Robinson announced his plan to create a music festival in collaboration with Goldenvoice! Robinson revealed an artist a day via Twitter, breaking down his reasons for booking each. The bill includes some of Robinson's favorite acts including Madeon. It's also the only time Robinson performed his famous Worlds album performance in 2019, and it was Madeon's first show of the year! People were definitely blown away by him and Madeon surprising fans with their epic collabs! Porter also went B2B with Skrillex (who was dressed like "potaro" the second sky mascot). Epic, to say the least, the festival also had a charity aspect to it. 

Obviously, emotions were high after the first-ever iteration of Porter’s music festival! Any one who has ever seen him live, know it is by far an experience. 


AT FESTIVAL (the epic Porter Robinson, Skrillex, and Madeon relationship): *ALL THE FEELS* 



When the line up was announced: 




Porter and Goldenvoice donated $1 from every ticket sold for the event. In 2016, Porter’s brother Mark was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma. In the US, it’s a rare form of cancer with a more than 90% survival rate. Luckily, Mark was among them, and he is now cancer free. However, in the country of Malawi in Africa, the cancer is much more common, and much more deadly. It’s the most common childhood cancer, and the survival rate there can be as low as 29%. Porter has just announced his own charity, the Robinson Malawi Fund. He’s working in cooperation with Mark’s doctors at UNC to help improve the survival rate in that country.