Rinzen Headlines GLOWs In the Mixxx with Placebo eFx and DJ IDeaL

January 4, 2019

THIS WEEKEND: In the Mixxx on GLOW Friday at 7PM PST and Saturday at 9PM PST on GLOW. As always hosted by DJ IDeaL & his weekly hour long mix. Next to him Rinzen and PlaceboFx. 

Rinzen is starting off our 2019 of In the Mixxx with his expiremental music that has captivated many including other countries by "Crossing the Atlantic" with his last tour being through Europe. 

Working in close relation and a part of Mau5trap, he's done multiple shows with Deadmau5 including remixing his newest single Monophobia. You can catch his live sets in the forest at ELectric Forest, or on Space Yacht. Catch him on In the Mixxx this weekend! 

In honor of the New Year, he's shared his best of 2018

Best of 2018:

1. Getting addicted to podcasts.
2. Cercle live streams.
3. Recovering from Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation.
4. Learning way too much about exoplanets to sound like an expert when talking about ‘Exoplanet’.
5. Listening to &ME on repeat.
6. Working with a violinist for the first time on ‘Temple’
7. Playing Miami for the first time with the mau5trap family.
8. First festival (s/o Electric Forest).
9. Traveling to Europe.
Playing Howling’s ‘Howling’ in Berlin.
10. Playing Printworks London.
11. Collaborating with new friends like Evan Casey, Marbs, Enamour.
12. Plotting my moves for 2019.


Placebo eFx, a part of DeepTech Los Angeles, describes his music as "adding some sauce to our bass drops". Constantly dropping new tracks, they just hosted their Deep Tech LA Vol. 3 release party. From original mixes, remixes, and production Placebo FX is leaving his mark in Los Angeles and beyond. Hear his exclusive mix on GLOW's In the Mixxx this weekend.