San Diego Comic Con: Jay + Silent Bob Handprint Ceremony

July 21, 2019

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes leave their imprint in a place they've visited for over 25 years. The comedic duo with over 10 movies, 2 video games, 2 comics, and a long list of accolades are now a part of the TCL Chinese Theatres’ longstanding handprint ceremony! 

The two have made appearances and cameos in music videos like Drake's "Why", Scream 3, and also have a new movie coming out Jay + Silent Bob: Reebot.

Best known for their roles as Jay and Silent Bob in the Smith’s directorial debut Clerks, they are now being awarded for these cinematic achievements in downtown San Diego during Comic Con.

Smith expresses that a reason he does things like this is so he is not forgotten long after his death. 

2019 is Comic-Con International’s 50th anniversary, and it will also mark the 25th anniversary of Clerks. The two have bonded over their mutual love for comics, so being honored here made sense. Smith and Mewes’ will release the sequel to 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on Oct. 15 with actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.