Your Guide Through CRSSD Festival 2020: Food, Drinks, & Set Times

Your Guide Through Waterfront Park

September 25, 2019

Set time conflicts may be the biggest of your worries this weekend while CRSSD hooks you up with the inside scoop on food, drinks/cocktails, and a festival map. San Diego, are you ready for CRSSD Festival's perfect balance of techno house and dance? Aside from a killer line up, you can expect food and drinks to match.

Food! What's your carb situation looking like? 

If you want sushi, CRSSD has the rolls. Feelin' spicy? Grab some pie. Phillyfornia brings the heat with some Philly cheese steaks, and we all love Korean BBQ.  

Beers, cocktails, you name it. 

Sake is a thing, beer by the bottle also a thing, and if you're into shots CRSSD has those too. "Techno with a tea" is a new drink of choosing that has Jame-O, Irish Whiskey, plus peach mint to set the bar high. 

Know Your Surroundings.

Same map, different year. If it's your first, this will guide the way. The Palms and City Steps bringing heavy edm DJ sets from Trance/Techno/House artists, and Ocean View's main stage brings the Pop/Dance/Alt aspect to the festival.

Your set times for both days include:

Prepare yourself for time conflicts.