Holiday Merch On Lock

December 27, 2019

ZOOKËPER never fails to disappoint with some hilarious bits he does on socials, some quirky humor, and now his.. merch line

The front of the shirt is a rendition of the notorious Christmas movie Home Alone.

The back of the shirt reads, "ZOOKËPER was a young boy who was seperated from his family twice and forced to defend himself against burglars Marv and Harry."

It then continues, "After getting into a fight with his older brother, Buzz, who purposely ate ZOOKËPER's cheese pizza, ZOOKËPER was sent to the third floor to the house by his mother Kate, and he wished his family would disappear. The next morning, as the family prepared to leave, ZOOKËPER was still sleeping. His cousin heather mistook Mitch Murphy, ZOOKËPER's neighbor, for ZOOKËPER. The family in a rush, hurried off to the airport, not realizing that ZOOKËPER woke up to find his whole family gone. ZOOKËPER was in a thrill and believed his wish came true that he made his family disappear. He watched Angels with Filthy Souls and ate icecream."


The end.