Skrillex Remembers The Prodigy As An Inspiration

March 6, 2019

Dance music lost a pioneer and innovator in its format this week: the as the frontman of The Prodigy. Keith Flint was an inspiration to many dance music artists. 


"The news is true , I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend, I’m shell shocked , fuckin angry , confused and heart broken ….. r.i.p brother Liam

Dance music would not be what it is today without Keith Flint. The community is heartbroken. The band is in utter shock. Many artists, including Skrillex, are remembering this legend."


Skrillex write in the post below: 

"I may not of had a career if it wasn’t for you Keith …you made me feel welcome in a time when I needed it . Thanks for all laughs my friend RIP"



Other artists who sent their condolences: