These "Dating" Apps Are For Music Lovers

Music Lovers and EDM Fans.. Meet your Match

January 7, 2019

How could you date some one who doesn't like the same music as you? Doesn't go to events with you? Doesn't "festival"? These apps assure you can meet your "festival bae". 


Radiate is an app that connects people going to the same music festivals for that year. You can make your festival "wish-list", let people know which ones you're going to, etc.You can converse openly with a group, or you can private chat members. Radiate includes multiple festivals, you choose what festivals you're going to this year, and you can talk/interact with other people going to the festival. It is much more than a music-festival "hook up" app, because it also is there to serve a purpose to meet new people, which is why community is one of the top reasons people like going to festivals in the first place. 

If you're looking to grow your network of festival friends, download the app!


Techno Dating

Tinder and Bumbe have nothing on this for the Techno lovers.. they're calling it "techno tinder", and now every sub-genre snob can meet their perfect music-match. Techno fans ONLY.. meet your techno soulmate, or some really cool friends headed to specifically techno events with! Although there are sites directed to music-festivals, this one is geared towards genre.

 It's now officially been done.. 

Finding your techno bae online is now reality. 



The dating app for the event crowd. Mix’d connects to your Facebook account, and it imports the events you’re planning to attend. It will find your potential match with same music tastes. Then you do some Tinder-like swiping until you find the one you’ve been looking for! 


Tastebuds - The app that matches peoplebased on their musical tastes, and is considered one of the best places to meet someone with similar music tastes as you. 

The site is linked to internet music radio service, Tastebuds allows users to plug in their username and immediately populate their profile. It's also possible to manually input your favorite bands when searching for matches.