[WATCH]: Dillon Francis Starts Vlog About Buying Stuff When He's Drunk

June 18, 2019

"Add to cart, add to cart, and add to cart," drunk girls after they get home. Yes, the cliche' idea of online shopping when drunk gets put into reality with the new vlog series "What's In Dillon's Box?" created by the hilarious DJ/Producer Dillon Francis. 

This comedic treasure delves into reviewing his inebriated purchases.. See below. 

In this video, Francis reviews the Vector. Sometimes we contemplate whether Francis is actually drunk, or if he needs an excuse for the outlandish things he says. Anyways, you can win a vector by commenting in the video above. 

Francis is not new to the video world as his Fox animated series Gerald's World about his make-believe pinata friend Gerald is still releasing videos.