Dillon Francis

[WATCH]: Dillon Francis Starts Vlog About Buying Stuff When He's Drunk

"Add to cart, add to cart, and add to cart," drunk girls after they get home. Yes, the cliche' idea of online shopping when drunk gets put into reality with the new vlog series "What's In Dillon's Box?" created by the hilarious DJ/Producer Dillon Francis. This comedic treasure delves into reviewing...
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Intrigue Night Club in Las Vegas Closes

Wynn Nightlife's Las Vegas nightclub Intrigue hosted their last event this past Saturday, June 1st, and followed up with a "thank you" message to their show goers. Of course, keeping it very classy and thanking fans for their support over the years. Thank you for the memories spent at #...
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Diplo’s New Collaboration

Diplo and John Mayer are working on new music together. At first thought it might seem like an odd combination, but the more you think about it, the more sense it starts to make. It’s one of the world’s leading pop and EDM producer matched with one of the most copious musicians of his time, who...
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