Mystery Man Donates $82,000 in Food Gift Cards to Every Household in Town

An anonymous man has donated over $82,000 in gift cards to make sure all 539 households in Earham, Iowa have enough to eat amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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You Can Now Order Girl Scout Cookies Online And Donate Some To First Responders

Here's some good news! Your quarantine just got a whole lot tastier because you can now order your favorite Girl Scout cookies online! ...and while you're at it, you can even donate some boxes to first responders and healthcare workers on the front lines! To protect girls and communities in the...
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San Diego Blood Bank Hits Record Breaking Blood Donations During Comic Con

The San Diego Blood Bank collected 3,343 units of blood products at the 43 rd Annual Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive, breaking last years’ record of 2,804 units and making it the most successful blood drive held at the event to date! The drive, which is hosted every year during Comic-Con, was held...
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