WATCH: Massive Lightning Bolt Strikes Statue of Liberty as Storm Passes Over NYC

A video shared on social media captured the moment the Statue of Liberty was struck by a massive lighting bolt on Wednesday as a storm passed over NYC.
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Lightning In Bottle To Move Location For 2019 Festival in Central Cali

Festival producers Do Lab announces that, for the 5th time, Lightning in a Bottle will be moving locations to a new venue. Still in Central Cali, Do Lab has yet to announce the new venue location. Lightning in a Bottle staff say, "We absolutely love this new venue and think you all will too. The...
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Cash Cash's New Song "Call You" Is About Someone Being There For You

Cash Cash's new song "Call You" is a good-follow up record to their top-charted track "Finest Hour". The band has released some jaw-dropping music this past year including their remix to lovelytheband's "broken" track that has received positive feedback from the band. This music video can ressonate...
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