Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Is Set to Fight a Great White Shark Underwater For 'Shark Week'

The phenomenon known as “Shark Week” is set to return once again in a few weeks, and this year they have really out done themselves! Mike Tyson returns to the ring to fight a great white shark underwater. Read on now.
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Celebs With Face Tattoos: Justin Bieber, Aaron Carter and More

While tattoos are nothing new for the stars, more celebs than ever are fearlessly inking up their faces and never looking back. These are some of the best celebrity face tats, including Justin Bieber, Aaron Carter, Mike Tyson and more.
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2019 Cali Marijuana Festival Hosted By Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is hosting a new music music festival in celebration of California's 2019 cannabis laws. This year's music fest will be named Kind Music Festival , and will be held at Tyson Ranch - Tyson's own cannabis research facility. Although there will be no sale of marijuana and cannibas on-site,...
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